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Back From the Dead


It's been quite a while since you've heard from me, mostly due to a combination of laziness, misconfigured blog settings, and general burnout. Seems like this is a common trend with dev blogging, so kudos to those who keep an active blog.

A whole lot has happened in the past couple years.

(I won't mention that, uhm, 2020 thing)

Anyway, how about some quick updates? I removed a lot of friction in the process to publish blog posts. My previous setup involved manually building the hugo project and then rsync'ing the output to a remote server. Now I'm using DigitalOcean's free static hosting that autodeploys off Github, super neat. Hopefully this brings back my motivation to write more. I also got lazy and didn't treat my blog as a real git project. I spent some time tidying up my project files so things should be in order now.

New tech

Other stuff

  • Bought a condo
  • Built an AMD gaming PC
  • Got a new 2020 Macbook Pro (opted to skip the M1 for now)
  • Swift is still amazing