Trevor Elkins

Software Engineer
Emerge Tools

Hey! I'm Trevor, or you can call me Trev.

I've been building mobile apps for over ten years, and most recently ventured into full-stack work. I studied Computer Engineering and have also done a lot of embedded systems work.

I'm currently working for Emerge Tools where we are building next-gen tools for mobile developers. Our goal is to make apps faster, smaller, and easier to build with fewer regressions.

Before that I worked at Stripe on their Capital and banking-as-a-service products. My primary focus was how to onboard users faster and handle customer support at scale.

And even before that, I worked at KAYAK on both their iOS and Android apps. Our Android app received a Google Design Award in 2020 and our iOS app was demoed during the 2018 WWDC keynote.


This site is largely built on top of tailwind-nextjs-starter-blog, big shout-out to Timothy for making it so easy to set up.